BV Credit Repairs Review (Australia)

Lenders and banks in Australia rely heavily on the country’s three main bureaus – Equifax, Experian, and illion – to know about our credit behaviour. That said, it’s not uncommon to find errors in a report that would ultimately bar us from an otherwise repayable loan. This is where credit repair companies (CRCs) step into the fore.

What is BV Credit Repair?

Bon Voyage Credit Repair is an experienced credit management firm with a longstanding market presence, having served Australian borrowers for more than ten years. This speaks volumes about their trustworthiness and solidity.

What Services Do They Offer?

The professionals at BV Credit Repair take it upon themselves to review your credit report and check for possible errors. More than that, they help you rectify these errors, especially insofar as these affect your credit score unnecessarily and can be easily amended. They also aid in debt settlement if you’re on the verge of bankruptcy.

How Do They Operate?

From the onset, you’ll be asked to pay a minimum deposit amount as a guarantee before Bon Voyage signs the contract and begins the repair job.

Charging upfront is an offputting practice that is, unfortunately, far too common amongst Australian CRCs. In this regard, Bon Voyage does things a bit differently in that they promise to refund this deposit if they fail to fix any problems in your report through a fault of their own.

Nonetheless, suppose the bureau refuses to improve your credit even as the agency did all the necessary errands. In that case, they’ll feel entitled to keep the deposit because, understandably, they cannot ensure that the bureau will ultimately decide in your favour.

On another note, each customer is assigned a specific executive, who would most likely remain with them throughout the entire repair process up to its conclusion. This helps keep the clients’ experience personal.

Lastly, they propose an initial free assessment so that new customers may learn how the process generally works.

Is Bon Voyage Credit Repair Worth It?

Based on their track record and years in the trade, Bon Voyage stands as a viable alternative for people wishing to mend their credit and access better financial opportunities.

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