How To Create An Industrial Interior Design

Furniture, lighting, and plant arrangement are all essential in creating a pleasing industrial interior design. As a matter of fact, these three pieces of the decorating puzzle have been studied to make sure they work together aesthetically with other elements. Whether you’re looking to redesign your own home or create a stunning commercial space, here are five ways how to create an industrial interior design.

1) Using Iron:

If you’re planning to incorporate the use of Iron in your design, make sure that you use it as an accent piece rather than a focal point. Iron works best when laid over a rack filled with old wooden spools or when hung on the wall using old gears. Just make sure the Iron is not rusty-you can get rid of it by painting it with black paint and then covering it with a clear coat. The good idea is to hang several pieces of Iron on the wall in an even linear alignment and then add a thick piece of wood placed horizontally across the top of them so that they won’t fall down.

2) Using Metal:

This type of material is most commonly used in industrial-type buildings. This part of the interior décor must be taken into consideration when trying to create a perfect industrial space. The metal elements on the wall need to be strong as well as sleek so that they will complement your other decor. It is also important to have them made from steel or Iron and not metal that has been painted black, white, or gray like you would find on signposts for factories and warehouses.

3) Using Wallpaper:

If you’re looking for a simple solution to creating a beautifully industrial interior design, then use Wallpaper with a bold style that matches your main color palette. You can also try using thicker paper and hanging it in a crisscross pattern. This will create even more texture on the wall, making your industrial interior design look more interesting.

4) Using Stained Glass:

There are several types of glass that you can use for this purpose. You can choose to use clear glass or frosted glass for this specific purpose. Canada used to be a center for the production of stained glass windows, which makes the country a perfect place to use them as an element in industrial interior décor. Another example of stained glass that is often used in commercial buildings is called frosted glass or milky glass.

5) Using Circles:

You can take out a circular frame and then hang it on the wall. Furthermore, you can use plain circles for this purpose at the top of your industrial-type lamps to create an impact. You can also buy metal rings, which have a hole in them for hanging them on the wall.


When creating an industrial interior design, keep in mind that when done properly, it will have more of an impact and will look cleaner than a residential home’s décor because it has fewer decorative elements.

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