School Vending Machines

School vending machines have become a contentious topic in recent years. In Australia, vending machines are a common sight in schools and universities. Some schools see this as a chance to make a profit, while others feel the school is profiting from the sale of unhealthy snacks. Vending machine snacks should come with labels listing the price and ingredients and a calorie count. Australia’s Ministry of Health has released some guidelines that schools can follow to improve their vending machines.

School vending machines are a common sight around the world; they’re a low-cost source for students to get a quick, healthy, and cheap snack in between meals. But in Australia, vending machines are slightly different. Vending machines in Australia often sell both food and snacks, and these snack machines are surprisingly healthy. Vending machines in Australia tend to offer healthier options, such as fresh fruit, vegetable sticks, and coffee. Vending machines in Australia also often sell chips and baked goods, but these snacks are packaged in smaller portions.

Healthy School Vending Machines

When most people think of vending machine snacks, images of sugary candy bars and junk snacks come to mind. Unfortunately, such snacks are often the only options in most schools, so it’s important to encourage schools to adopt vending machines that offer healthier snacks. Australia’s New South Wales government has enacted the Healthy Vending Policy, which aims to replace vending machines in schools and child care centers with school vending machine hire that offer healthier alternatives.


vending machines should be healthy, too. The idea behind Healthy Vending is to collect nutrition information from vending machines. The data can then be used to create campus menus. Healthy Vending also allows students to help determine what healthy items should be stocked in the machines. School vending machines should continue adding healthier products for students.

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