Congress artwork

We are pleased to portray the story the artist, Arone Meeks, has provided on the artwork included in the Congress branding, titled Forces of nature.

Artist: Arone Meeks
Tribal group: KuKu landiji
Language group: KuKu midiji

This work is about the journey from childhood and the growth that begins with the family and their ways of life; we are very much given views of life from the time we are born.

The journey is represented by the boat, the women who I celebrate in all of our communities, are the keepers and healers of not only our culture, but that of our health and what is right and wrong.

Contained in the boat are images of youth; male and female. And a female figure which has a dilly bag (representing the womb), the blue figure representing youth.

The larger red/yellow figure to the left is a location; a marker of the rainforest and Mangroves, the blue shape in front of the figure is an eel and small fish trap.

Below the boat is a “bech de mer”, come current steam

Above the boat the figure is singing up the journey/direction of the boat, the circle behind is that of the freshwater, wet season.

Above to the right, is the Irrikuniji jelly fish, which marks the start of the wet season.
As it begins its life journey, washed out of brackish waters and into the ocean, to begin its navigation, between the coral reef, coastal shoreline and sea turtles.